Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guess Who I Met?


Last month, I went to California Adventure. We went past a big sign and we were just walking. My Mom said, "Hey look!! I think it's Santa!", then she went over and asked if he was really Santa. He said "of course". She asked if she could take a picture of him with me. He walked over to me and said "Hello Elias!". I said, "Thank you for my scooter!" And he said, "You're welcome!". Then he lifted me up and he was very strong. Mrs. Claus didn't look like I thought she would... she had brown hair, but I thought she had white hair. I think they were on a date and a vacation after Christmas because Christmas makes Santa Claus tired.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The fire was on the news. I saw it on Saturday. We saw the mountains over the hills and we were on the freeway. The fire was on the 91 freeway. My dad was taking some pictures and we got through it right away, we saw tons of firetrucks. I think it was the third fire that I ever saw. We went to Disneyland. There was ash everywhere.

Today I filled in the bags (72 hour emergency kits) with my dad today in case there is a fire in our house. Here is a set of pictures that my dad took while we were driving.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Day that I got to ride the train

I got to go on the train and even ride the bus with my Dad. I really liked his school. i got to eat two of his bars, and I liked it because I got to play with this little cone thing that he has in his office. Dad had two classes, but one class was in a different building near his office and the second one was in my Dad's school. We got to eat doughnuts before we even ate lunch. While Dad taught, I watched two different movies- one was Mickey Mouse and the other was Cars. After class we went to eat a picnic outside. I was worried that the mosquitoes or flies were going to get on my food. I took my lunch in my Dad's cool old lunchbox with G.I. Joe on the front. After lunch, I took a nap on the couch that we pulled into my Dad's office. I was very excited to go there! Mom and Rowan drove in to the school later and we watched a big show with singing and music and all the songs were Disney songs. One of them was from Mary Poppins- it wasn't the movie, but they were just singing the songs from that movie. There were songs from Little Mermaid and Classics. We ate dinner there outside with people from Dad's work. After the show there were lots of fireworks. After the fireworks were over, we were leaving and more fireworks started and we thought maybe the fireworks truck exploded. The end.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is the number of pictures that our little Sony camera took before it met its untimely death at the hands of our little monkey yesterday. We have the last pictures which we will soon post. Unfortunately, little E will have to do without a camera for a while. Thus, you will have no E pictures to buoy up your days until a suitable replacement is found.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Around the House

"So the day that I took my picture of my watch that I had, I remember what it looks like and what time it says on it when I have to wake up. That day it was Sunday and I didn't like church. so, I went to church, I had fun and came home." - E.

On swimming lessons: "Today I have two swimming lessons. The first day I didn't like it because of Joni [head teacher]. I like my teachers now. I learn to swim and I like learning to swim. I also like doing new things at swimming lessons. Yesterday I learned to hug the kickboard and go on my back in the water and kick, kick, kick. And also I learned how to hold the kickboard, the front of it under my arm and the back of it under my other arm and close to my body" - E.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Ohio trip

We went to Ohio this summer to see Grandma and Papo's sealing.
We got to take lots of pictures (including camera to camera) and it was really fun.
I took pictures of Aunt Kathy, Jesica, and Grandma and Papo in their temple suits.
This is Aunt Kathy playing with my sister
Also I got to go get superman icecream.
Then we went to a restaurant.

Here are my photos...
Papo showed me karate.
We went to a park there. This is a tire tube.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


If you get sprayed by a skunk, take a bath with bubbly soap in it, and put tomato juice all over yourself.  If I ever saw a skunk, I'd run in the house until it would go past.  I do like that they have a white line down their back and tail, because I like those colors- black and white.

One time, I saw a Curious George on TV.  George saw a skunk and when George and the man with the yellow hat went back to the city, George told the lobby owner that he got sprayed by a skunk 4 times.  Cool, huh?  The skunk came home in their picnic basket and Curious George left it in the elevator.  Someone, a lady, took it out and she put it on the desk in the lobby.  She said, "someone left this basket in the elevator!".   George found the basket laying on the desk and he got it off to take it back home to the country.