Thursday, July 10, 2008


If you get sprayed by a skunk, take a bath with bubbly soap in it, and put tomato juice all over yourself.  If I ever saw a skunk, I'd run in the house until it would go past.  I do like that they have a white line down their back and tail, because I like those colors- black and white.

One time, I saw a Curious George on TV.  George saw a skunk and when George and the man with the yellow hat went back to the city, George told the lobby owner that he got sprayed by a skunk 4 times.  Cool, huh?  The skunk came home in their picnic basket and Curious George left it in the elevator.  Someone, a lady, took it out and she put it on the desk in the lobby.  She said, "someone left this basket in the elevator!".   George found the basket laying on the desk and he got it off to take it back home to the country.


Lindsey said...

Wow, great blog, E! :) I also really like some of the shows you mentioned, especially Dragon Tales and Super Why. I hope you're excited to move to California. I'll be very happy to see you more often!

mlt said...

What a great surprise to find your blog. I love it. It made me want to be watching Curious George with you some more. The Fourth of July pictures are neat too.1

The Rhiens said...

I love your blog, Elias. I like Curious George, too. I had fun reading Curious George stories to you a few weeks ago. We will miss you when you move to California. But, I bet you have lots of fun there.

Love, Aunt Earlene

Mofra said...

Elias, are a wonderful blogger! I think skunks are pretty wierd and stinky! Thanks for telling that cool Curious George story. That Monkey can really get himself into a pickle! Sometimes I want to be like Curious George!

Sarah & Jake said...

Great idea. It can be the start of your little scrapbook! Curious George is dope on a rope.

mlt said...

Hi Elias,
It was great to talk to you today about the trampoline. Sounds fun! I'm really glad you like swimming. When I come to California (later) I'll watch you swim and Rowan can play in the baby pool. OK?
Bye Bye.
Merril Lynn