Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Around the House

"So the day that I took my picture of my watch that I had, I remember what it looks like and what time it says on it when I have to wake up. That day it was Sunday and I didn't like church. so, I went to church, I had fun and came home." - E.

On swimming lessons: "Today I have two swimming lessons. The first day I didn't like it because of Joni [head teacher]. I like my teachers now. I learn to swim and I like learning to swim. I also like doing new things at swimming lessons. Yesterday I learned to hug the kickboard and go on my back in the water and kick, kick, kick. And also I learned how to hold the kickboard, the front of it under my arm and the back of it under my other arm and close to my body" - E.


Rachel Clare said...

Hey, I can see right up your nose in that picture! You're sure doing a FANTASTIC job at swimming lessons!! :)
I. Love. You.

Mofra said...

Random clothes...I love your pictures E. I am anxious to see how well you can swim. My pool needs a boy to swim in it, just don't bring the monkeys!

The Rhiens said...

Hooray for swimming lessons! I am proud of you for learning how to swim. I love your blog and all the great pictures that you take.

Love, Aunt Earlene