Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Ohio trip

We went to Ohio this summer to see Grandma and Papo's sealing.
We got to take lots of pictures (including camera to camera) and it was really fun.
I took pictures of Aunt Kathy, Jesica, and Grandma and Papo in their temple suits.
This is Aunt Kathy playing with my sister
Also I got to go get superman icecream.
Then we went to a restaurant.

Here are my photos...
Papo showed me karate.
We went to a park there. This is a tire tube.


Monkey said...

My sweet boy- you take fantastic pictures! I love what you come up with and I love how you see the world.

Monkey said...

love, Mommy

mlt said...

Hey Elias! I am in the room you stayed in when you were here, looking at your blog. I've never had superman ice cream...but it looks good. I like pictures you take. I always liked the ones of shoes and knees. They were some of my favorites. Ohio looks really neat. I went there once with Mimi. One of your great-great-grandfathers was from Ohio (Charlie Mumma). Love you! ML

Mofra said...

You are the best picture taking boy I have ever met! I think it is cool your Mom lets you take pictures and post them on-line!That trip was so fun. I'm thinking about getting a hammock for my backyard in California...what do you think? Maybe we could get one and put it by the pool and when we fall off, we fall into the pool!

Jesica Eastman said...

Hi Elias. I think you are a great photographer. You are my friend and you make me laugh. Love, Jesica.