Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The fire was on the news. I saw it on Saturday. We saw the mountains over the hills and we were on the freeway. The fire was on the 91 freeway. My dad was taking some pictures and we got through it right away, we saw tons of firetrucks. I think it was the third fire that I ever saw. We went to Disneyland. There was ash everywhere.

Today I filled in the bags (72 hour emergency kits) with my dad today in case there is a fire in our house. Here is a set of pictures that my dad took while we were driving.


mlt said...

Dear Elias. Thanks for the pictures of the fire. That is pretty amazing. Glad to hear you guys got prepared. That's a good idea for sure. Thanks for the news. ML

Mofra said...

Elias...or should I say Electric Eel Elias!! I love the pictures of the fire. And the fire men too!! I bet you could hear the sirins ringing and the lights flashing as the beaming red trucks went by. I bet that made your day an absolute joy! Except for the traffic ofcourse. Oh and by the way...I wish I could have met Santa Clause!